Paisley's 'Stache Bash...

 We celebrated Paisley's 9th birthday early this year with a few friends.

And a surprise visit from Aunt Kara!!! And Breeana!

She requested a "mustache party"
 (Fantastic and easy frozen strawberry lemonade recipe found here)

and a BBQ.

Which was all fine and dandy until we ran out of ketchup - luckily Kara had a few packets in her glove-box from Wendy's. Which made Cosie happy so she could have her signature bun with ketchup.

 Paisley kind of broke the mold this year - she didn't want a number shirt (WAAAH!) and didn't want to play our go-to party games - she is getting too old! So we decorated picture frames instead which was a big hit and killed like an hour with these little perfectionists which was fantastic.

And we printed off some of our mustache pictures to put in them.

Then presents...

And cake...

I forgot candles but luckily scrounged up 3 mismatched ones and a 6. 6+3=9 so it works

 We finished it off with a blindfolded treasure hunt

To a 'stache of chocolate gold coins. 

Then it was just playtime....

It was a good mix of kids and the party was just chill - not even sibling drama... but that is probably because Perry was busy watching a loader move gravel by our shop the majority of the time. And because I had Kara to help - nothing like an extra set of hands to wash your dishes and help glue on buttons while you tend to the more pressing matters like eating cake.

Happy Birthday Paisley - can't wait to finish off the celebration on Monday!


HowellAZ said...

Looks like a great party that went off without a hitch (the ketchup and candles pulled through). I am always in awe of your fun parties, even the chill ones. Your kids are lucky ducks to have a mom that does such great things for them!

Jana Weaver said...

Fun and creative! Happy birthday Paisley!