Out and about...

It is that time of year when I oscillate hourly between being completely in love with our yard and totally overwhelmed by it. We have been putting in the hours outside - 

Like when Blake planted 5 trees all before 7am one morning before work.

Or last night when we had our first round of irrigation and Blake had to sacrifice sleep for a well-watered lawn. (Perry has replaced Fielding as ditchmaster this year.)

Or Family Home Evening is spent mucking pig pens.

We've also had many a springtime animal adventures.

Like the baby geese at Talmage's.

 Or the squirrel that has decided Paisley is his mama.

Or the baby bunny, we found living behind our AC units.

Or the missing chicken that is surely on a nest of like 20 eggs, if only the kiddos could find it.

Or the salamander in our sprinkler box that made for a good temporary pet.

 It is a joyous Spring... except for the weeds... and the poop... and the insane amount of dead birds that hit my living room windows. But these kids are loving it!

And Luna too, although her knees are a nice gray from crawling on all the rough surfaces - She's got to learn how to walk to save her clothes and skin. She gets completely filthy everyday and had her first minor sunburn - I am going to have to be vigilant with this redhead, I can already see that her skin is more sensitive.

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Jana Weaver said...

Kid heaven for sure!