My dirty little secret...

Because you asked, Britt.

The 5 things wrong with my current cabinets:

5. Nothing fits in them.
 I buy large quantity items. Nothing fits in these cabinets therefore we have to get creative, like store the cereal in the oven vent cabinet. Which is highly annoying because my kids can not reach it and cereal is one meal they could make themselves... if only they could reach the box.

4. The things that do fit are a battle to get in/out.
 I use my cookie sheets at least once a day (thanks to nightly hot cookies). Usually more. My pans have to go in at an angle and scrape the heck out of the side every time I get them. This has caused me to just store a cookie sheet on the stovetop to avoid the cabinet damage and my mental swearing. It is also a pain to get out the tupperware, the cookbooks, and the giant box of Goldfish.

3. They are gross.
 I don't mind cleaning. But cleaning and having the item still look dirty is beyond frustrating. These cabinets never look clean; therefore, I have given up cleaning them which means they are now double gross. 

 3. Someone forgot to install the rest.
Once this was an eat-in kicthen, but then they added on a giant dining room so the eat-in part is void of cabinets. I can not wait to outfit this entire wall - the storage possibilities make me giddy!

1. And nothing says sad little kitchen like a cabinet hanging off it's hinges.

Britt, you basically summed it up with the dirty little secret comment... They are dirty. They are little. They aggravate me everyday.

So there you go...

And now to talk about something else because this post is way too first-world-problem-y.

Luna said her first word - kind of. She says the uh part of uh-oh and repeatedly drops things just so she can show off her skills. She claps, waves, shakes her head no and yes, and attempts pat-a-cake.

She crawls everywhere at turbo speed and screams if I reach the forbidden destination (AKA bathroom, stairs, the deck door) and foil her progress. She walks around furniture and will stand on her own for a few seconds if she is distracted.

She is uber smiley and her crystal blue eyes attract the admiration of many a stranger. Her hair looks like old man's hair - lots on top and on the bottom fringes but way bald on the sides. She makes me happy every single day and I can not believe next month we will be talking birthday - WAAAHHHH! I love the first year and hate to see it go.

P.S. She wore the bow for the three minutes it took to take these pictures... She detests anything on her head.

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