Hair cut...

I chopped my hair. 

Before (Paisley styled it as a "two-headed monster" with my sister Beans):

I have deceivingly thick hair - it is strait and fine but there is a lot of it. It was getting to the point where all I would do was wear it a pony because it took too much time to do anything else with it.

I'm getting used to it and love that it dries in half the time.  It is annoying that I can't put in a pony for running and don't really know what I am supposed to do to keep it from becoming a sweaty hot mess - if only I could force my fingers to figure out how to french braid.

I liked it when Kelsey styled it all smooth and crisp into an a-line.

I loved it when I messy curled it with my flat-iron.

And I looked super hot with it flipped out - my default hairstyle...
Not really but solo selfies are the worst.

It has a Meg Ryan choppiness to it that I have always dreamed of having... so therefore I think I would call it my best haircut yet!

In other fantastic news - 
My parents are coming for the night.
Fielding has his first soccer game.
Blake and I run ROBIE tomorrow!
My house is 90% clean.
Steaks are in the fridge (the poor bird's nest will meet it's doom - again).
I hinted to my in-laws to make homemade icecream (we will see if it happens).
I rocked my to-do list this week.


Britt said...

You're rocking the curls, but you can't beat the two headed monster.

Jo said...

Planning on ice cream. Hope your parents make it for dinner!

Jana Weaver said...

Super cute and fun that you can style it in so many different ways!