Ain't no mountain high enough...

Blake and I ran Robie Creek. A mountainous half marathon in the Boise foothills.
One of Blake's previous scouts, Adam, also ran it with us too - although none of us actually ran it together.

In fact, Blake and I had two very different races... I will let the pictures do the talking:

Mile 8:


Mile 12:


Blake totally killed it coming in just under 1:25 - it was good enough for 11th place which he is beating himself up about because he was hoping for Top Ten (any other year he would have been - the guys were just extra speedy this year).

I was hoping to PR for this course and get under 2:05 but came in at 2:07 (which was Blake's time 4 years ago so that just shows you the speed he has built up in the last little bit).

That hill is always so humbling. Hot, dusty, windy, hard, humbling... and for some strange reason... fun. Robie is always a good time and we surely missed my dad and Kara on the mountain (both had to drop out due to injuries) - here is to looking forward to next year.


Britt said...

Good job! I love the photo of you with the ripped tattoo man. Haha!

HowellAZ said...

Oh, I think you guys are both amazing! I enjoyed catching up on some of your recent posts. The bird nest analogy is a good reminder. I feel like I repeat a cycle of craziness pretty much every day. Whoever wrote Groundhog Day must have been a stay-at-home mom. ;)