5 weekend facts...

1. It was General Conference. Which is practically a Mormon holiday. Over the course of the weekend we watched 8 hours of prophets and apostles teach, encourage, and inspire us. The kids don't mind it so much because we call it a "Lego Party" and build, build, build with intermittent M&M and Skittle breaks. Our Lego table is looking stellar... until Perry is left unattended with it.

2. The weather was phenomenal - Blake and I went on a park date, we took lots of walks, worked in the yard, and just oogled and ahhed at all things Spring. I am so grateful that we could get outside every chance we could before, during, and after sessions.

3. I took the kids on a "hike" by the river while Blake went to the Priesthood Session. I am sure that the sand/bugs/water disaster that occurred an hour before bedtime seems like a nightmare to some moms. I, on the other hand, would make this a nightly routine if feasible. Nothing peaces me out as much as watching water flow and filthy blissed out kiddos.

4. We ate crepes... this is an Anderson family tradition that Blake has happily agreed to adopting into our own home. I think he ate 10 with Paisley coming in at a close second at 7.

5. Luna popped her first tooth on top (third overall) which led to a scream-y baby at times. Her scream... on man, I have never had a kid who could reach the pitches she does. And she does it all the time, happy or sad, it is her voice and it is ear-splitting.

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HowellAZ said...

We got our computer operational and I got on quickly to catch up on my blog stalking. Looks like spring is underway at your place with baby hogs and chicks. Can't wait to see your farm in person one of these days! Your kids are growing and are all so beautiful. Hope you are doing well. Think of you often!