Zoo fun...

My friend Shelby came to town for a couple days over Spring break. She asked if she could hang around with us - I warned her of the guaranteed chaos that comes from 5 kids and no school but she is a brave soul. We enjoyed some fun around the house, a swim at her hotel pool, and an afternoon at the zoo.

Let's start with the zoo...

They upgraded the giraffe slide - I was a bigger fan of the classic crazy-fast version and so wish I knew where that beast ended up because I would love to purchase it for my backyard.

All the classic poses that the kids beg I take pictures of on the sculptures.

I forgot quarters but luckily we found a few stray pellets on the ground to feed the goats.

Always my favorite.

An anteater - a new addition to the zoo that captivated the kiddos.

Paisley helping Keaton on the slide.

Poor Luna was super fevered but a total trooper on this trip. She loves being out and about... even with sad sick eyes.

There was an off-duty zookeeper that put on a good show playing charades with this monkey.

 Cosette spotted a sign for Jelly Fish and wouldn't be deterred until we found them.

Snack break in the back of the jeep.

Totally great day at the zoo - glad the rainy forecast didn't scare us off but did scare off all the other Spring Breakers. 

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