This week:

I think an eagle came and laid it egg amidst our chickens'.

Luna tried spaghetti and loved it!

Had an affirming moment that even with my many shortcomings, I am giving my children a magical childhood... and that it is worth it.

Fielding learned how to ride without training wheels - stopping and starting are a little hairy but we are getting there (It helped switching out the rain boots for tennis shoes).

Perry dumped potting soil on Luna's head - it was a disaster. Her whole head was brown - this is mid-bath.

I finished Behind the Beautiful Forevers, where impoverished people were forced to smash rocks on the road. Later I walked out to this:

Luna was giddy over Fielding's dinosaur get-up!

We dressed Luna up as a last-minute flapper for a party we were going to.

She is adorable (and the most photographed kid at the moment).

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Jana Weaver said...

Luna looks so adorable as a flapper girl. Way to go Fielding on the 2 wheeler!