Spring break or bust...

The 20 random thoughts in my head:

1. It is Spring Break. I am officially touched out, talked out, and feeding-all-these-children-every-second out. 

2. I created a 90's Country station on Pandora and it is the only music I can handle at the moment (Oh how I wish I could see David in Wranglers just one last time - even though he gave up on those years ago).

3. I just found a paper saying, "Please work on STEM night science projects over Spring Break." and it made me lash out in fury. Who the heck has time to make a science project? Let alone 2.

4. My yard is calling my name but I can't talk Luna into hanging out on a blanket while I weed.

5. Remembered this morning that I am the Easter Bunny - ugh... can we skip it?

6. My laundry will never be done... ever... never... not until the end of time...

7. I checked my girl's grades for the first time since we changed schools (over a year ago). Luckily they are still passing.

8. Why doesn't Taco Bell install playplaces?

9. Had to throw away the dying flowers away that I received - why does that always make me so sad?

10. Keep staring at my friend's baby picture because he is just so scrunchy... and I kind of want one... but oh man, that is so NOT what I should be thinking right now.

11. Really want to blog about the fun I had with my high school friend, Shelby, but the camera is upstairs and getting it risks waking two babies... so not happening (right now). 

12. I'm fighting off Mastitis  - ouch...

13. I need to run double digits tomorrow but can't unless my boob gets better.

14. Date night - halluluh!

15. Perry needs potty trained - any volunteers?

16. Luna needs weaned - any volunteers?

17. Hamburgers are a proper Easter dinner, right? I mean ham... hamburgers... not all that different.

18. Wish I could "fix" my family's grief...still hate that there is no fix.

19.  I need a really, really, really good book...

20. John Michael Montgomery has brought me to tears so I can't write anymore.

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Jo said...

Wish I were there to give you a break this week and a hug and some comfort food!