Monthly challenge recap...

So I did super good on my no thrift store challenge. Besides Blake's snow ski incident, I never caved. Even though I had multiple dreams where I was "accidentally" in the thrift store (see - told you it is an addiction). 

So what do you think the first thing on my to-do list today... Go to the thrift store. 

My friend ended up wanting the boys to play so Luna and I had three hours to ourselves at four separate thrift stores - it was glorious! Especially since I had earned 2,000 points at Idaho Youth Ranch which equals a $20 shopping spree.  I earned those points back on January 31st and so my real test for February was to not go spend them instantly (I am an instant gratification kind of girl). Over the course of January, I made a list of things I needed to look for and scored a few of those plus a few bonus items (plus another $20 spent at Goodwill). Here was my haul for the day:
1 pair of jeans for Blake that I will probably have to return
2 outfits for Luna
1 pair of church pants for Perry
2 toys/huge pillow that will be put away in my secret stash for upcoming birthdays/holidays
8 glass cups to replace all the broken ones (although they charged me for 9 - grrrrrr!)
1 pack of construction paper for my budding artists
3 packs of party invites so I don't have to make my own for upcoming birthdays
1 large ceramic dish because I have zero nice serving bowls and am trying to become more grown-up and grown-ups have serving bowls
1 pair of $2 knee length shorts because Britt knows Mormons can't pass those up
1 perfect fitting sweatshirt so I stop wearing the BYU one Blake bought me for Christmas every single day
1 pretty pink shirt
and the best for last 1 pair of faux leather skinny jeans that will be from this day forth known as my Party Pants

It was a total "fall off the wagon" and I don't really have much of an intention to get back on. I love thrift stores - they provide me with cheap things and hours of entertainment. In fact, I think Perry was the most excited to finally be able to return to the "toy store" today. I did notice that I was completely over furniture though and couldn't stand the thought of having to buy anything that required paint - I am sure that will change too but my recent furniture re-dos at least curbed that for a few months.

So for March, I made a new goal:

And I am already dreading it. I love hot food that I don't have to make. But it is so easy to fall into eating out mode, especially for lunch - I mean, who wants to make lunch? I am pretty good at coming up ways to score cheap lunches on the go - Del Taco bean and cheese burritos are only $1,00 and my kids eat them like candy... pair that with their BOGO coupons and we are set. And they just opened one with a playplace that will keep my kids busy for at least 30 minutes while I read... I mean, why make lunch?

Blake and I also enjoy eating out for dates and for my mental sanity I will not be giving those up entirely. But we have lots of acquired giftcards and Groupons that I plan on using so that the eating out has already been paid for or is achieved for super cheap. And I will make a once a week limit on this, although once a week is usually our norm, but just in case... so I don't get carried away :) 

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Britt said...

Darn right about those shorts!