Monster trucks and picture frames...

With all my trips to Lowe's lately, I spied a poster for their Build and Grow series. They were making monster trucks that I knew the boys would be all about. The girls wanted to come along too so we left Blake home with Luna and headed to the "wood store". Turns out you were supposed to register online and the lady said. "You can wait until the end to see if I have leftovers."  And as I was about to break the bad news to the boys she finished with, "Or you can dig through these past week projects that I have leftover." We found two trucks and two picture frames and set to work... The kids were really patient with the whole hammering 20 tiny nails with a fake little hammer without putting them in the wrong spot... I was not. At one point, as I was attempting to rip the bottom off of Perry's truck (that I had nailed on incorrectly) I turned to the Dad next to us helping his one and only child perfectly assemble their truck and said, "Think I can go borrow a real hammer from hardware?" He took me 100% seriously and said, "I don't think so." After that I kept my sarcastic commentary to myself. When we got home, I informed Blake, "I think it would have been easier to build our own kitchen cabinets. To which he replied, "What did you expect? That they could do it on their own?"

However, they really enjoyed their projects and we will have to head back but follow the rules and directions a little bit better... and sneak in a real hammer.

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