Farm living...

Saturday was a noteworthy day on the farm.

We got our first 4H pigs and they are babies:

Meet Aqua who is a Blue Butt breed (which the kids enjoy saying more than they should).

And Sunset - a Hereford.

The truck is out of commission again so we made a nice trough in the back of the mini-van for them to come home in.

The babies in comparison to our other pigs. They are adjusting well to each other and just this morning Blake found the little ones snuggled up with the big ones. They have been welcomed into the herd... but not herd because they aren't cows... the "sounder" - I guess, according to Google.

 We needed to secure the hog panels more because the little pigs could escape through the holes so I went to our shed to grab some mesh chicken wire stuff that we have. I was about to go back to the pig pen when I noticed something strange. While we were gone in Eastern Idaho, 2 of our chickens went missing and I had found where they had disappeared to. Sadly, they were all tangled up in the mesh and one of them didn't make it (which was sad and since I don't handle death well right now, pretty upsetting). However, Red, one of our favorite hens was still making noise. Blake and Paisley nursed her back to health and she seems to have fully recovered - which is crazy because she was gone for at least a week, caught in that mess. That Red - she's a good bird.

And speaking of Reds, Luna enjoyed the nice weather on Saturday and got absolutely filthy chasing chickens.

 And today, the kids and I made a before school trip to pick up our Spring batch of baby chicks. I tried to dissuade Blake from more chickens by saying we have more than enough eggs but that is trying to tell a two-year old that one pack of fruit snacks is more than enough... no such thing. And my resolve trickled out because... BABY CHICKS!

Oh sweet sunny ball of fluff - my love for you is strong.

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