7 days of Easter...

We did an Easter activity countdown.

Day 1: Mall to see the Easter Bunny. 
My kids glance at him from afar so no pictures except this awesome one because a worker left the mannequin display case unlocked.

Day 2: Easter Egg coloring
I love the muted colors from our dark eggs.

Keaton's first egg dying experience.

We switched him out to water which lessened the disaster of it... barely.

Blake's classic stick figure family - we almost don't fit on an egg anymore.

 Day 3: Frosting cookies.

Day 4: Don't Eat Peep!

Day 5: Easter movie night

Day 6: Egg hunt at the park

Day 7:Happy Easter! Go to Talmage's.

Easter came up so fast this year... I'm shocked it has come and gone.

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