5 things I learned this past week...

#5: Pool parties are good for grief. No one would have ever guessed that all these people chicken-fighting, cannon-balling, and dumping buckets of ice water on one another were the two families of those killed in a tragic plane wreck. 

Why we haven't been black-listed from every hotel in America is beyond me.

#4:Comfort food for Andersons is two cookie sheets full of red meat... And Jo's salsa... And Monte's grilled bread... And some pasta salad... And 2 dozen baked potatoes... And ice cream.

#3:The importance of a will. Please if you do not have one, write one. Even if it is bare bones - get something down. Neither of the parents who died in that airplane had wills - this makes the decisions and legal processes over who will care for their children a potential nightmare. And while you are at it, write down all logins, passwords, directions to hidden treasure, etc... that could be useful if something were to happen.

#2: This world is filled with such good kind people. The amount of flowers, cards, food, $$$, and expressions of sympathy that I alone received astounded me and this was only a small fraction of the collective amount that my siblings, parents, and Dave and Jess' children received. I will just mention one act in particular that shows the love that was shown to our family this past week. Our good family friends, the Meiers, made a 1400 mile round trip to bring my Grandma Rucker and Brother Noel to the funeral. This is true charity and I hope someday I can pay such a selfless act forward.

#1: That this quote my sister-in-law Joann shared just about sums it all up:


The Woods said...

Glad you made it home safely. Hope your family continues to find healing and peace at this time. Look forward to seeing your family again soon under happier circumstances.

HowellAZ said...

Those pictures of everyone in the pool made my heart happy. Much love to you and your family. I have been thinking and praying for you all so much!