30 minutes...

I was listening to a podcast while I was mopping the floor entitled, The Science of Friendship, They quoted from a study (which I don't have time to source because this needs to be completed in 30 minutes), that young adolescents, particularly girls, who had an abundance of opposite-sex friendships through their youth, displayed much higher signs of anti-social behavior later in life.

And right there I had a study to back up what the heck is wrong with me,

I can not talk to girls. I have spent a great portion of my life studying the female friendships that seem to easily beset those around me, to try to figure out what is wrong with me. When women talk, I listen like a person who is in a foreign land that is barely just starting to learn the language.

There is always the usually suspects in the conversations, that in regards to, I have next to nothing to contribute:

*Clothes shopping - unless you scored a $4 pair of jeans at the thrift store, you are way over my budget and head.
*T.V. - No, I promise you, I haven't seen it.
*Diet/weight/exercise - In the word's of my dentist, "Women must hate you." And they do so I have learned to stay beyond mute on the subject.
*Trending social media crap - yes, I called it crap... sorry but I hate the internet (almost).
*Pets - I like my pets to be outside and useful and I eat them... I am a horrible person.

Mercifully, I have been able to have kids... lots of them and they have saved me in regards to talking to women. Pregnancy, breastfeeding. discipline, nap times, school choices, illnesses, extracurricular activities, etc., etc., etc... I have been given an endless supply of content. 

So I meet up with Moms and we hash it all out and it works... until another Mom walks up and says, "Did you see the Downtown Abbey finale?" and then bam... I am regulated back to the foreigner who smiles and nods and has no idea what is going on.


Jo said...

I was raised with brothers and only had sons and most of my high school friends were guys, so maybe that's why I like you.

Jo said...

On second thought, I did watch all of the episodes of all of the seasons of Downton Abby, but I don't have to put kids to bed, so I have time for that!