30 minutes: An exercise in speed writing...

I have exactly 30 minutes before the girls come bounding off the bus full of hunger and anecdotes about their day. 30 minutes before Luna wakes and I have to follow her around to ensure safety from falling, choking, or Perry. 30 minutes before Little Einsteins will lose it's magical powers on the boys. 30 minutes - it is not enough time to spell out the crazy dialogue that fills my head, beating up one another as it tries to be the first to come out onto the page. 

30 minutes. It is not enough but I am going to try.

The other day, I was frantically trying to assemble food items into what could be considered a meal under the constant constraint of too many kids in the kitchen. As I turned to open the fridge, Cosette was there, blocking my way. She held her right hand up to my face and said, "Something is wrong." I rushed out a "What is it?" and tried to brush past her on my way to the cheese but she held her ground. "Look." She said with her hand waving in my face. I took a deep breath and attempted to slow down (not my specialty), "I am sorry Hun. I can't see anything." 

"Right here on this finger. There is a huge bump." 

And there it was - the most glorious writing callous I have ever seen. On my very own daughter's hand.

A smile covered my entire face - it even reached my eyes - which is not an easy task to achieve between the hours of 4-6pm. "Oh there is nothing wrong with that. It is a bump from your pencil from writing and drawing so much!"

"Oh - will it go away?"

"Not if you keep creating." I replied and I instinctively fingered my own writer's callous.

It is still there. 

Smaller now due to lack of use and thanks to the invention of the computer but mainly due to lack of use. 

But still there,


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