Yellow homemade chalk paint desk...

Got my first furniture refinish done for the month:
Yellow DIY chalk paint desk with dark wax
I call it the school bus. 

And it is an improvement from this big hunk of brown found at the local thrift store for $25. 
Yellow DIY chalk paint desk before
I fell in love with it because of it's size (I knew it would fit right under the window perfectly). And it's storage capacity (I've been wanting a better solution to our kid-art-supply storage). Plus it is solid - like kill your back if you try to move it solid.

This was my first experience with chalk paint.
Beginner DIY chalk paint project
 I learned about chalk paint from Blake's 82 year-old Grandma Nay (she is super hip). It is a new type of paint that doesn't require sanding or priming pieces first. It has a modern and matte look to it that is also very conducive to distressing. It sounds too good to be true but the hitch is that is a pretty penny - like $10 for an off-brand tiny pint. But the good news is you can make your own... 

Plaster of Paris + latex paint + water = chalk paint.
 I read quite a lot about chalk paint and came up with some truths about the stuff:

1. No sanding and no priming doesn't mean it is easy-peasy - it is still paint; therefore is messy, requires prep and clean-up, and you have to wax or poly-coat to seal once done. Unless you want to be able to write on it - then you don't seal it (but I think if you want a true chalkboard surface stick to the store-bought chalkboard paints).

2. It goes on thick and reminds me of what they must have painted the Sistine chapel with.

3. You can seal it with clear wax or dark wax - I went with the dark because everywhere I read said it would tone down your color and give it an "aged" look. The dark wax barely changed the color of my paint (so instead of a mustard yellow - we got school bus yellow) which leads to my next point...

4. You make it up as you go. There is no formula for what your piece will end up like. You can make a general plan but the stuff kind of has a mind of its own depending on the color and finish of what you are painting and how many coats you want/will need to do. You can also layer multiple colors and sand off colors for loads of texture. I read lots of accounts of "This wasn't how I expected the color to look in the end but I LOVE IT." Which leads to my last point...

5. You will probably love it. I already have my eyes on some more pieces that will fall victim to my new chalk paint obsession.

 I am excited for a new place to park the art supplies. I know it is dangerous but I have an open policy about art supplies - they are always available for my kids to use. We burn through markers faster than most preschools but my favorite form of kid entertainment is for them to create. So I put the means right in front of their faces and there is not a day that goes by that these mason jars aren't being dumped across my dining room table.
Kid art supply storage - mason jars

I wanted to cover up the cord holes so I put on some hardware plates that I spray painted brown to match the distressing which add a nice touch.
Hardware to cover up cord holes

I also removed the doors because I didn't feel like repairing them (they wouldn't stay closed) and it opened it up for fun basket storage. In the drawers are paper, coloring books, glue, stencils, beads, chalk, yarn, and beads.
Homemade chalk paint - yellow farmhouse industrial desk

 And just so you don't think everything in my house looks this neat and orderly, in the 30 minutes it took for me to put on the hardware and take some pictures, a marker/bead/3-different snacks bomb went off in the rest of the room. The picture does not do it justice - the beads were EVERYWHERE.
DIY chalk paint mess


Britt said...

Looks amazing. I'm attempting my first chalk paint project next week. My friend has some leftover paint, and she asked me if I want it. Um... Yes!

Jo said...

Looks great!

Jana Weaver said...

Wow! You're fast...and it looks good!

HowellAZ said...

I love that I can live vicariously through your posts and pretend that I am likewise a project-oriented person. The desk turned out great and now I know you are the go-to gal for any chalk paint questions I may have in the future when (if) I ever paint a piece of furniture.