Blue chalk paint bookshelf and monthly challenge update...

This wasn't one of my three furniture refinishes that I had planned for the month but once I cleared the art things from this little bookshelf, I realized that it would be the perfect place to store the girl's ever expanding book collection.  That is... perfect once it had a fresh new coat of chalk paint. I had leftover paint from their accent wall so I whipped up some chalk paint with it and got 'er done. This time I made the paint a little thinner and it was easier to work with - but I was also going over much lighter, less glossy finished wood.
 Blue chalk paint bookshelf

The before shot - Blake and I purchased this from Wal-mart with wedding gift cards. We first utilized it to hold our quesadilla maker, rice maker, and other gimmicky wedding gifts that have now found their way to Goodwill. Over the years it has held books, toys, shoes, art supplies, and tools. It almost didn't make the move but was rescued last minute to fill a spot on this big kitchen wall until we were set to fill it in with real cabinets.
Blue chalk paint bookshelf before

After a facelift, it will now live out the remainder of it's life in the girl's room keeping stuff off the floor. 

The knock-off American Girl dolls always drove me batty on the floor, clothes all disheveled, and laying amidst their accessories. They always reminded of floozy ladies. So they got a shelf, as well as some baskets to hold their outfits. (I just now noticed one is unclothed... see I told you - total floozies.)

I feel like I am doing good on my projects... but confession time - I went to the thrift store today. It was Blake's fault. He needed a pair of ski poles after he broke his last year and as soon as the word "poles" left his mouth, I knew I would be relapsing. You see Blake needed ski poles, but these poles will only be utilized once a year so there is no reason to spend more than a couple bucks on a good-enough-pair. But I was good - I went in, went strait to the sports equipment area, found the poles for $3, swung by the boy's clothes section to grab a $2 hoodie to replace Fielding's lost one, and was out of there. I did see an awesome coffee table out of the corner of my eye that had loads of potential but alas I left it there for another thrifter to enjoy.

I also decided to quit Craigslist for the month as well - that is now that I found what I was looking for. One of my upcoming projects is a big 'ol farmhouse table but it didn't have chairs with it. So I have been searching for the perfect set of chairs and today I found them - they were at this awesome old warehouse that is stacked floor to ceiling with chunky old furniture that they resell on craigslist. But once more I was good and just bought the chairs - even though half the store was calling my name. 

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