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I really want to write something profound. I want to capture the depth and scope of a mother's mind while raising lots of small children. I want to put into words the sheer joy and utter exhaustion that accompany my days. I want to remember what we did and how I did it but I am writing this with a 5 year old rambling over the intricacies of Star Wars to my one ear while listening with my other for the sounds of the toddler waking from his nap. All while sitting on the top step as a human barricade to the 9-month-old's curiosity. I have a 30 minute window so there is no time for funny or clever or profound.

So sorry for the millionth picture/caption dump. Someday I will write something better - that someday is just a really long ways off.

The kids are keeping me hopping...

Paisley started 4H and is already bemoaning the fact that she will have to wear a long-sleeve collared shirt when she shows her pigs. She is being challenged in gymanstics at the moment, which she doesn't enjoy as much as being top of the pack, but it is good for her. School is a party for her and she is loving it. I have zero pictures of her over the course of the last month - I need to fix that. 

Cosette is tired. I am so glad that besides piano, we did not sign her up for any other activities this year. I think school is plenty of stimulation for her and just this morning when she walked out the door with this look of overwhelmed-ness, I promised a movie night and her whole mood changed. Cosie needs her downtime and I need to remember that.

This one is asking why? and what? at least 100 times a day. Most the time I have a hard time coming up with answers that please him. "What's a glitch?", "Where do you go when you get sucked into a tornado?", "What colors make white?" My head hurts by the end of the day trying to come up with responses that he won't yell, "No Mom - WHY?" back at. We did a behavior chart with him and although the behavior change wasn't as drastic as it was with Cosie - he did improve and earned himself a policeman dress-up (he chose it solely based on the handcuffs) and a small Lego set.

 This one is still 2...  total cuteness but total two-ness. Out of all the kids I think he is most eager for Spring and being able to go outside. 

Luna has changed drastically this last month. She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. She loves to pull herself up and has started to cruise around the furniture. She is babbling lots and will clap her hands - much to her siblings delight. She enjoys real food and screams if you can't get the yogurt in fast enough. I am constantly barricading the stairs because she loves to climb them but has no clue how to get down. She is squishy and smiley.

In the past month, we have broke approximately 5 cups, 2 bowls, 1 mug and 1 plate - I don't know what is going on but if I have said it once I will say it twice... I hate tile floors in kitchens. And without going to thrift stores, how am I supposed to check for my vintage Corelle pattern to replace it all?

The boys eat so much differently then my girls... there is constant calorie intake around here (no matter how I approach meals) and it drives me batty. Perry is the hardest right now and wastes a lot. Luckily Luna will eat his scraps and if not her then the pigs gladly.  

 I am still painting... always painting. I am getting close on the table and chairs and can not wait to show the results and to get it moved into our dining room. It is going to be big and beautiful and done on a dime.

My sister, Jaci, stopped by on her way to fly out for a cruise. The boys enjoyed the suitcase fort and I enjoyed the company.

Oh - Perry is crying. Got to go.

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