Blake Taylor's Day(s) off...

Blake had four days off this week - it was glorious.

Blake is an efficient man, this week he:
*Ran 43 miles
*Dug up 1 and 1/2 stumps (massive ones)
*Built a 7 ft. bench for my table
*Replaced the starter in his truck
*Cleaned out the chicken coop
*Fertilized the lawn
*Filed our taxes (the one time of year having five kids is monetarily beneficial).

And best of all

*Took his wife out to lunch... every... single... day. It was heaven. We started high and went to Carino's (BOGO free Tuesdays are awesome), then Rumbi Island Grill, then KFC, and finally downgraded all the way to Taco Bell on Friday. It was fantastic! And I am heartbroken to have to go back to grilled cheese next week.

Our final fun for the week was on Friday when we pulled the girl's out early from school and did some uncamping at Swan Falls.

Blake has been getting into dutch ovens so he was in charge of dinner and it was delicious (BBQ chicken and potatoes with peach cobbler for dessert). Good thing he is a patient man - dutch ovens=patience. 

It was so fun to be out and about until we remembered it was February... not really the best time of year for camping. The weather was superb this week but the wind was blowing down by the river which made it "adventurous." Thank goodness we were not trying to sleep there.

We were kind enough to invite our friends along on our windy adventure, which I felt really bad about. Paisley has missed Leah since our move so it was fun for them to catch up.

Fun end to a fun week.

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Britt said...

I'm totally sold on the husband taking me out to lunch every day.