According to my phone...

Luna loves baths. Sinks, tubs, crawling through the leftover water from Dad's shower... she will take it all.

 She sleeps. I was gearing up to let her "cry it out" so I moved her upstairs where it wouldn't disrupt the other kids. Turns out she was just cold in the laundry room and has slept at least 8 hours in a row every night since I moved her.  So sad I didn't move her months ago. (She still likes to sneak into our bed in the mornings if she wakes before 6 :)

She has gotten so busy so fast... crawling, pulling herself up, trying the stairs... she is very adventurous and all about being on the move.

The chickens are laying more and more eggs again... we are all eager for Spring.

Speaking of chickens, Blake bought some eggs for his scout's breakfast. A year ago, chicken poop on my store-bought eggs would have disgusted me... now I am not even fazed by it.

And that is about it - Picture funk lately. In other news:

Blake went snow camping and slept in an igloo.
The girls celebrated the 100th day of school.
My parents came to visit to celebrate my Dad's retirement - they were acting like two teenagers skipping school.
I raked two more garbage cans full of leaves - how are there still leaves?
I successfully mailed two packages - 5 kids... you got to celebrate the little things.
Met with a cabinet guy and he shattered my dreams of a white kitchen.

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HowellAZ said...

Yes, it takes me about a week to make a trip to the Post Office with kids...haha! Looks like you guys had a nice V-day. So what's up with no white cabinets?