7 gifts that will make your spouse swoon...

Do you ever fall in gift ruts? Especially for your spouse. 

Well, I thought in honor of upcoming Valentine's day, I would share with you the one and only time that I gave Blake a gift that didn't stink... So you can copy it, claim it as your own idea, and make your spouse swoon. 
A week of heartfelt gifts for your spouse

 I did this for his birthday a few years back and it went something like this. It is a week-long series of gifts. Everyday as Blake checked his email, he would find a "gift" or the details about what the "gift" was/would be. Some required more effort than others but every one of them was heartfelt. Here were my days:

Day 1: 
The gift of doing the thing you hate
For Blake, I went pants shopping. 6'4'' and skinny as a rail with meaty thighs makes for an impossible fit for pants. I brought home 5 pairs and ended up taking back 3. 

Day 2:
The gift of time
If there was something Blake could use some more of it would be time. Since I can't literally give him time, I just freed up his Saturday by tackling all the outside jobs (lawn mowing, weeding, watering) so he wouldn't have to.

Day 3:
The gift of an unexpected surprise
I arranged the babysitter and bought the tickets for a weekday date to the movies and emailed them to him saying, "6:00 at The Village - Be there." Parenthood kills spontaneity so last minute dates are usually the best ones.

Day 4:
The gift of mushiness
I wrote him a love letter. It went something like this:
Dear Blake,
I wish I could write you a love letter as poetic as the one the Leopold wrote to Kate.
I wish I could sing my devotion to you like Marius does to Cosette.
I wish I could give you some pendant of immortality as a token of my affection for you like Arwen gives to Aragorn.
But alas I was born of the generation of textese and emoticons... the art of proper declarations of love is completely lost on me.
But I will try, my dear, I will try for you...

I will spare you the rest but it was good :)

Day 5: 
The gift of a romantic night at home
There was candles and love songs and... well our moms read this so we will just leave it at that.

Day 6: 
The gift of testimony
It was Sunday so I found it fitting to write my testimony down for him. This one might not work for everyone but even if you aren't a Mormon, an honest account of your beliefs or unbeliefs can be a beautiful gift to those you love.

Day 7:
The gift of good food
I made his favorite dinner: Coconut shrimp, lentils, cornbread, and smoothie. (Well - one of his favorites - Rule #456 about Blake: He doesn't have favorites.)

Receiving gifts is not my love language - like not even close. So therefore I am not a great gift giver. Words of affirmation, I rock that. Acts of service, done. But gifts are hard for me, especially for Blake, because we share the same pocketbook and because we are both insanely too practical for our own good. Oh you want socks for our anniversary, awesome, just remember I want to get the carpets cleaned. Our gifts are so boring that I once had a friend tell me, "You are the weirdest person I know." when I went on and on about how much I loved the pots and pans I got for Christmas. This series of gifts was a break from all the"I just ordered my own present off Amazon." that married couples end up doing and I truly felt like I was expressing my love to Blake in a meaningful way. If you want to make your spouse swoon this Valentine's day, or on their birthday, or for an upcoming anniversary - this is fun, unique way to do that (and fairly inexpensive for those other practical couples out there).


The Thompson Family said...

Blake is a lucky man. We miss you guys. One day we will get to see each other again.

HowellAZ said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. I will probably never come close to duplicating this, but it's a really great idea.