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The cabinet under my side of the bathroom vanity:

I have had those nursing pads since a month before Paisley was due. At that time, my breastfeeding friend offered this advice, "Get good nursing pads and get lots." I bought the most expensive and biggest box I could find and used 1 set of them in the 8 years that I have been lactating. Turns out my milk is practically a solid and leakage has never been an issue. And I have yet to find the right leaky breastfeeding pal to hand them over to.

I also purged my necklaces - there was once a time I wore minimal jewelry, then I had 5 kids, and now I wear none (except my wedding ring that someone will have to cut from my cold dead body)  I would have gotten rid of more jewelry but they were all in a giant tangled mess with some of my more sentimental items (AKA that one necklace Blake bought me before he realized I prize Cheesecake Factory gift cards over anything shiny). 

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Britt said...

My mind is blown by the breast pad thing. I have to wear them for three months after I have a baby, and I don't even breast feed!