Today's 10...

Forced the girls to come up with 5 items each from their room.

Turns out Paisley is a bit of a hoarder and had severe emotional reactions to letting go of her "stuff." I had to fight for every item including an old shoelace. I'm a little concerned. At least she is a very clean and organized hoarder; unlike Cosette, who has no real attachment to anything but is a total clutter-bug (papers and books and toys - all in complete disarray) like her father.

Day 10 - that makes for 100 donated things, in addition to the 100 other things that just ended up in the trash... feels nice!

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Jana Weaver said...

Wow! Nice work on all the cleaning. Doing it in increments of 10 has made it not seem like too much to me, but now you've already gotten rid of lots! I keep thinking I should do a similar thing, but I don't have the motivation and I keep thinking, what if I need that someday.