The rest of "break"...

It's officially the last day of winter break (Sundays don't count because our Sundays are pretty indistinguishable from one another).  Winter break was fantastic in that Blake had mandatory time off so we saw a lot of him these past two weeks. And it is a good thing because the kids were on one this break... I wouldn't have survived the chaos without another set of hands on deck. Both him and I had big plans of all the things that we were going to accomplish over the "break" until we realized 5 kids home all day is no "break" so we tried to make the best of it and spent lots of time Lego-ing, watching Star Wars, and trying not to go insane.

Here are a few other things we did:

Fielding constructed his volcano and enjoyed erupting it a few times. Fielding is sick - has been for weeks - he will be going to the doctor on Monday in an effort to figure out why he is so miserable. So it was nice to see him smile for a bit.

Blake made a sandworm. It is from Dune - his favorite book. It was delicious but was baked the same day that I caught my stomach bug so I can't look at it without feeling nauseous.

Played with lots of friends. Friends are my favorite way to entertain my kids... and besides how else will the 7-month-old learn to longboard.

I did finish my dining room and can't wait to show you the results - as soon as I remember to take a picture while it is still light outside.

Paisley did help loads with Luna while Blake and I took turns giving Fielding and Perry time-outs over and over again.

 Living room + blankets + every pillow we own = happy kids (for a minute).

Hmmmm... what else did we do?

Oh games...

Lots and lots and lots of games...

Into the wee hours of the morning.

Maybe that was what was up with the kids- they were fine, Mom was just sleep deprived.

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