Stuff we've been doing:

After-school snack - s'mores style!

Running outside - the weather is getting better. I get the kids outside for 30 minutes to an hour these days and it is helping save our sanity.

 Hulk-smashing! Fielding went to a theme party that puts mine to shame...freezer-paper-stenciled shirts for all the guests - WHOA.

I made oatmeal cookies which is totally bizarre - I've often given a speech about the many reasons NOT to put oatmeal in cookies. I was craving some though - I must be getting old.

Chicken chores.

Arts and crafts.

Long hauling.

Reading. I got the Little House on the Prairie series for the girls after Paisley read one and said, "I like that the sisters in this book are nice to each other." Nice siblings - I'm sold.


Crystal Mining.

This was a birthday present and he spent a solid 2 hours on it.

Trouble. She learned to crawl on Fielding's birthday which she enjoys but more than that she enjoys being able to crawl to things that she can pull herself up on. It would surprise me if she wasn't walking by her birthday because she is all about being upright.

We've also been fighting colds and fevers and teething babies who are up 3 times a night... which is no fun for us all... but especially the mom.

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