Shopkins birthday party...

Paisley ensured that everyone was up nice and early to check out the loot for Cosette's birthday.

She started the day with her first Shopkin, her favorite cereal disguised as Breaky Crunch.

Then she got all dressed up in her ultra rare Mary Meringue shirt.

Turns out Shopkins are pretty easy to duplicate - it is all in the eyes!

Then we waited and waited for the party. (I have evolved as a mom and slated the party right at noon to decrease the chances of "My friends are NEVER coming." being said.)

We kept the food simple with "Make your own Pretz-elle." (because soft pretzels are Cosie's favorite food group), 

a fruit tray, 

and Lil Sipper for drinks.

Cosette isn't a huge fan of cake so we substituted D'lish Donuts for her cake!

 With candles and a goofy big sister!

 Time to dig in!

The friends!

The cute baby in the corner!

Time for cake, I mean donuts. 

Next, we moved to the living room where we had a much mellower version of a pinata in the form of a candy ball. 

We went around the circle unrolling the Saran Wrap and collecting candy.

In the center was Cosie's only present request: a Shopkin plush - Apple Blossom.

Then we did our classic Don't Eat Pete. This time a Shopkin version. I will forever sing the praises of this party game. If you haven't done it - do it. It captivates all of the kids.

Then we finally got to the kid's favorite part. I wish presents didn't hold such appeal with my kids, that they were completely unfazed with the receiving of stuff, but they are greedy little monsters. So we did the whole 15 kids sitting right on top of each other desperate to see what awesome thing the birthday kid was lucky enough to score thing.

The final game was a treasure hunt - the kids each had to find a Shopkin around the room that had a letter on the bottom of it.

Then we filled in the blanks and found the clue which was, "Check the fridge."

In the treasure box was the goody bags for our friends:
Then we shipped all the guests out the door.

The after party consisted of a messy living room with Cosette reading to her brothers in a nice peaceful way. 

Until that got old and they all started screaming bloody murder over whose turn it was with the Spirograph (Cosie's bday present).

Happy Birthday to my favorite little Shopkin - we will call her Cozy Cosie.

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Jo said...

Cyndi deserves awards for her creative parties! Your children have no idea how blessed they are!