Fielding's Star Wars party...

Fielding originally wanted a Power Ranger birthday but I used my Jedi-mind tricks and convinced him into Star Wars because I wanted to be cool and trendy - actually I just thought it would be fun! So yesterday, we enjoyed breakfast by the light of the Death Star.

Fielding has been in fit mode and since it was his birthday he thought he could cry if he wanted to. Here were some of his fit-triggers of the day:

1. Star Wars cereal - he wanted to save it and definitely didn't want to share it.

2. He was furious that I made his shirt this way, "IT LOOKS LIKE HE IS WALKING BACKWARDS!" I told him that he didn't have to wear it but after 15 minutes he came around.

3. We have had this coloring drama in the past - he likes to color Darth Vader black with marker but then gets mad that you can't see the detail outlines. I told him he could only color this poster if he used crayon - which took another 15 minutes for him to come around to.

4. He put on his Vader costume (he is all about the dark side) for his party and insisted on carrying around his light saber. I knew the group of boys we were having over and made the executive decision that all weapons were staying in the closet - he was not happy to have his right to bear arms taken away. But did smile when I replaced it with the fruit variety.

5. Pinatas always cause drama - there is always one kid who gets the shaft. It was, of course, Fielding who somehow missed all the candy and was in tears until we could sort it out.

Fits aside - it was a fun day celebrating our favorite Vader.

Here are some more pics:

Easy and delicious Jawa cake!

Note the duct tape line - great solution to the heap of kids when opening presents.

The thing of note in this picture is the Anakin shirt that Blake is wearing - it is one that got put in the donation box but he recognized it was missing so he got it back. He wore this shirt to a high school dance 16+ years ago and has worn it maybe 3 times since... he is a borderline hoarder I have decided. I knew this party would remind him of it and kept the shirt on top just in case he asked for it.


Kristen said...

You are so creative with your party themes. Where do you get your inspiration? (And have you ever thrown a Pirate party so I can copy you?)

love.joy.lane said...

My kids pick the theme, then I Google image it for ideas, but most my parties are all the same just different theme. I did a pirate party when fielding was three, so go back two Januarys and you can find it:) and a note: I enjoy doing the theme so that is why I do it, some people don't enjoy the effort and in that case don't do it :)

love.joy.lane said...
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Jana Weaver said...

Fun party! I love the little details.

HowellAZ said...

Happy 5th Fielding! You are so lucky to have a mom that puts in so much effort to make cool parties and a dad that saves things for many years so that he can accessorize! :)

Starla said...

I loved the comments about Blake's shirt!! Happy #5, Fielding!!! What a great party, Cyndi! You are awesome!