Today Cosette is seven!

Cosette had a fantastic year - here are 7 things that she did this year:
7. Played lots of piano - she is a great self-starter and practices often without reminders.
6. Ran/walked a 5k.
5. Impressed her 1st grade teacher with her mad reading skills.
4. Colored 1000 of pictures
3. Went on an overnight backpacking trip with Dad.
2. Discovered Shopkins!
1. Quit her colossal fits - which has been best of all!

 Cosette is my introvert that is stuck between two extreme extroverts. We are often telling her siblings, "Let Cosie talk!" Over Christmas break, she was home alone with me while I was painting the dining room. 2 hours went by with her coloring and reading and writing and she probably said all of 20 words to me which is such a change of pace from my other kids. I love that she can get lost in her own thing!

We love you Cosie-cute!

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Micah Taylor said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Cosie!!