Fielding is 5!!!

5 super awesome things about Fielding are:
1. His imagination.
2. His love for the great outdoors.
3. His coloring skills
4. His love of preschool - it is his favorite thing at the moment.
5. His smile!

5 not so awesome things at the moment are:
1. His fits.
2. His hunger - all day he asks for food... all day!
3. His love of potty words.
4. His lack of following instructions (except at school - his teacher praises him being on-task - Are you talking about my kid? Are you sure?).
5. His habit of teasing Perry to no end.

Fielding is full of life. He loves things his way and it is difficult to change his mind. He is a saver and just this morning he was in tears because he didn't want to open the special breakfast cereal that I got for the kids, "I want to save it for my next birthday." He tries to make the rules and plan out our days, "First we have lunch. And we don't go to the gym. And then I get to watch a show." I sometimes have to remind him that he is not in charge. I am excited that this year he will start Kindergarten because (like my other offspring) I know he will thrive on the structure of school. This is the first year Fielding really made some friends that are his own age. We have lots of playdates and I am just barely starting to understand that wrestling is cool, wreaking is cooler, and begging popsicles off mom is the coolest.

 I love this boy! He is like a shiny bright penny on the side of the road - he will always catch my eye.

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HowellAZ said...

Oh so cute! He and Jett share some qualities it sounds like. The words "you're not in charge" have left my mouth hundreds of times!