10 things...

Yesterday's 10 things happened - just no photo. It was a bunch of little random toys that were preventing the toybox from shutting when I was doing my pre-party clean-up. But as I was putting them in the donation box, the girl's spotted some of their "treasures" which I caved into letting them keep as long as "You go put it where it goes." So two steps forward, one step back.

Today I went through the few toys in the boy's room and cleared out some things:

I feel like this week has been a few steps backwards a few times with this project with all the party paraphernalia that we inherited. I am not enjoying the purging as much as I was in the beginning and definitely haven't been organizing things quite as much as I go. But that also has to do with me needing to get the upstairs cleaned up again from the parties. You know mom is serious about mopping when the chairs go up on the table:
I remember my mom doing the same thing when I was little and thinking, "Oh I better get out of here before she hands me a rag."

Next week, I hope to tackle the garage (AKA the abyss of random junk) and get my gumption back.

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