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So I've always hated the color of the dining room here. If you looked in my closet I own one red article of clothing (an ugly Christmas sweater that will get it's moment of the year tomorrow evening). Red - it is a nice color for a barn but other than that it just isn't me. I have spent a good portion of my time eradicating red from my life. Then we moved here and bam - a whole room of red... that just won't do. So I am a genius and decided the week before Christmas would be a fantastic time to undertake a faux board and batten treatment and paint the giant space. Really awesome timing - but I look forward to showing you the after pic - it will knock your socks off. Then I will just have the red velvet carpet in my master bedroom to worry about.

So that is what I have been doing instead of blogging. 

Here is another "our week in photos" dump:

Attended the world's craziest church party - our ward/congregation is giant and the entire time all we did was try to stay out of people's way. But Perry did enjoy eating the bowl of shredded cheese meant for potato toppings as his lunch.

And the kids got to see Santa who I was told is an impostor. Maybe that is why Perry wouldn't go within 10 feet of him. (Can we just have a mooment of silence for Paisley's curls - her hair is my dream-hair come true?)

The kid's favorite nativity formation:

With the occasional visit from Darth Vader.

This poor 5th child. Sleeps in the laundry room, uses her mom's old maternity skirt for a swaddle, and has to deal with this guy all day.

Alver's hook fell off so he has been floating around the house - this is my favorite location so far.

Cosette had her music program at school - why do we as parent's feel obligated to take pictures such as these... she is that tiny thing in white in the far distance.

Luna has blown out multiple times a day every day this week  (antibiotic backlash) and Blake has been receiving lots of texts. I am a bit of a poop expert so you know it has to be bad (like the worst I have ever dealt with) when it comes to texts such as these:

It has been snowing on and off - I am praying for 5 feet that immobilizes the entire city for the next week but I don't think that will happen.

Fielding and Cosette did have an awesome 40 minutes out back this evening and built this snowman that totally melted my heart.

Life is good... busy, messy, loud, cold, and full of lots of poop... but good.

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Jo said...

If you eat activia yogurt or such things to balance a stomach would it get through your milk to Luna? Or would she eat it? Maybe that would help. I don't know... Might be worth a try.

Can't wait to see the dining room transformation!