Tree hunt 2015...

 Took a trip to the mountains to chop down our tree.

Kid #1 was absolutely adorable in her snow leopard snowsuit. And a total trooper as she got dragged through the brush.

Kid #2 did fantastic once we got the dreaded snow bibs on and until his knit gloves got soaked through - about a 20 minute window - then he wanted to be carried, in addition to the baby, saw, and tree that his parents were already carrying.

Kid #3 was not a happy camper... like not at all. He thought rolling through snow was more efficient than walking - it is not- especially when sticks and logs are blocking the very uphill path.

Kid #4 was a superstar... coldness is not her favorite but she did not whine once even with having to traverse some crazy terrain.

Kid #5 - we couldn't have done it without her. She cheered Perry up on multiple occasions, carried Luna on the way out when I could no longer haul both Perry and her, and smiled the entire time. She was voted MVP for the trip.

 Here we abandoned our kids on the side of the mountain to check out a cluster of trees across the creek and up the other side of the ravine.

Playing "snowball fight" to entertain Perry while Dad gets the tree.

Making a one-armed snow angel - she lost her other glove and wouldn't take her hand out of her pocket.

Sliding down the hill.

Fielding spots the van on the way back and finally smiles!

Tying it on.

Warming up in the car with crackers and hot cocoa.

Hooky bobbing on our way back down the mountain - so much easier than sledding but not quite as legal.

 It was an adventure for sure - like always - but Blake and I have got pretty good at laughing our way through the madness. It really wasn't that much harder than most of my solo grocery shopping trips.

I can't even call our tree ugly this year - we found a pretty good one once we chopped off the bottom third and as long as you don't look at the bald spot in the back.

We let the kids have a sleepover under the tree watching classic Christmas cartoons until bedtime. It was all nice and cozy until 12am when I heard a thud and went upstairs to find Paisley sleeping peacefully underneath the fallen tree... ugh. Good thing Idaho trees are light and scraggly so no one was seriously harmed.


AndersonGR8 said...

Best Christmas tree story ever - well at least since last year...

erin said...

Hey girl! Your cute family! I laughed at the elf post because Ella has been begging for an elf on a shelf too. Glad I'm not the only one that isn't doing it! Haha. Happy to see you are all doing well!

Micah Taylor said...

What a fun day! I'm excited to see you guys!!