11 years...

Today Blake and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Besides me catching a flu-bug and there being an actual bug in my soup (A fly - really? Doesn't that only happen on movies?) it was a nice day with a double babysitter/double date of dinner and a movie (The Martian = fantastic!).

I've been told that love isn't a big thing instead it is a million little things. I don't got time to list a million but here are 11 little things that I do love about Blake:

The way he exclaims, "Whoa!" after jumping in cold water.
The way he picks up babies by just grabbing the front of their outfits.
The way he always carries a blue Bic pen.
The way he can't just have casual hobbies but has to become all obsessed and organize spreadsheets and make websites and monetize his interests.
The way he "chicken fights" the kids.
The way he powers down the car (turns off lights, wipers, radio, etc) before turning off the car.
The way he buckles onesies over pants.
The way he speaks with conviction.
The way he laughs at my humor (my humor is more straightforward in writing then in real life but he even thinks I am funny in real life).
The way he reads 5 books at the same time.
The way his eyes shine - I will never get enough of their blueness.


Britt said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jo said...

You two make a great team! Love you both!