Blake and I braved the cold Saturday for the Zeitgeist Half Marathon.

This is one of those local races that Blake runs every year. He peer pressured me to join him for the run so he wouldn't feel guilty about ditching me for 4 hours on a Saturday. So instead I felt guilty about ditching my kids for 4 hours at Grandma's (Thanks Jo - I couldn't have done it without you.)

Zeitgiest was the last race I ran when I was 3 months along with Luna and it is the first race since having her - kinda cool!

I wasn't super worried about the distance because I have slowly been building my mileage back up since having Luna. However, I knew my time would be slow so I made it my goal to just not walk. There is a beastly hill from mile 7 to 8 and although most those around me were walking it, I did not - which I was proud of.

I was most nervous about the weather and told Blake multiple times that "I just don't want to be cold." He thought I was being a baby about it but we were both pleasantly surprised when we got out at the start line and it was fairly warm. I ran it in short sleeves with no gloves and felt great the entire time... until I stopped. At the finish, the wind picked up and I was damp with sweat. I shivered as I tried to open my post-race chocolate milk. I shook as I scarfed down my post-race meal. And I ran back to the car and picked Blake up before full-blown hypothermia could set it.

Blake had a great PR race for the course and finished 9th overall - however he strained his calf and was pretty gimpy walking around at the end and will have to take it easy for a few weeks.

Blake and I are both phone-free runners so as we were pulling out of the parking lot, I lamented that my post would have no pictures to go with it so Blake humored me with these car shots. Zeitgeist gets the award for brightest race shirt ever... and for being bearably cold... I really was overly worried that we might be running in snow.

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AndersonGR8 said...

Congrats! to both of you. Wish the business trip hadn't interfered - would have loved to be on the return run with you. Awesome job and welcome back - time to start thinking about Robie, eh?