Please tell me I am not the only one who:

*Cleans poop out of her daughters armpits at 3am
*Finds packages of hot dogs in her laundry room
*Mass texts people asking for their moldy jack-o-lanterns
*Cries at church over the pure craziness that is my pew
*Can't keep her minivan clean for more than 12 minutes
*Chases hawks during naptime
*Is already dreading how I will keep all these kids entertained next summer
*Always loses at Agricola but keeps coming back for more
*Is over decorating for the holidays but does it anyways
*Thinks her kids are the cutest (mine is on the right- fyi)


Jo said...

That picture makes me laugh!
And to answer your questions, I'm not sure I've done most of those things!

HowellAZ said...