Oh boy...

I have a little ditty that I sing to Luna and it goes something like this:

"Hello Luna - How are you?
Hello Luna - I hope you know I love you too!
Hello Luna - you are such a joy.
Hello Luna - I'm glad you're not a boy."

Trust me - it is better once you hear the tune...
well, maybe not...
but it is her song and it is the truth.

I love that I have been able to have children of both genders. I love that they came in sets (girls then boys) to give them a friend close in age who appreciates similar things. I am madly in love with my boys.


Boys are harder. 

Well, let me be more specific.

 My boys are harder than my girls were at this stage.

I usually have mantras that I repeat to help me get through the day, they change over the years but have included:
Don't put off your happy life.
First, be gentle.
Ain't nothing worth doing that's easy.

This is my current one:

My life is pyscho.

I just have to call it as it is. Everything always a mess. The 20 minutes it takes just to get out the door. Constantly keeping Luna out of Perry's sights. Someone begging for food atleast hourly. The noise level off the meter scale. Bodily fluids EVERYWHERE! And the constant "I had it first!" Oh how I hate that phrase.

My boys are hungrier, clingier, bored-er, noisier, runnier, and fighting-er. I could probably handle it all if it weren't for the fighting. Paisley spoiled me rotten by being a great peacemaker - she understood that Cosie was "little" and would willingly share with her and play with her (even if Cosie didn't adhere to all the rules). Fielding on the other hand just screams every time Perry is near. He has zero patience with his little brother and Perry has caught onto this and teases him to no end. I hope they outgrow it - that they can find some happy place where they co-exist peacefully but for the moment, "My life is psycho." and we leave it at that.  

Even Paisley's patience gets tested daily the boys- here she is saying, "Stop wrecking it Perry."  Yes, Perry please stop wrecking the giant pile of couch cushions, stuffed animals, and blankets - you're really making a mess.


Jana Weaver said...

Fighting is so draining...

HowellAZ said...

Boys! Ahhh! I'll leave it at that. ;)