When did Halloween turn so psycho?

Church parties, school parties, friend parties, not to mention the actual night - by the end I am totally done with this holiday.

Thursday was the church's trunk-or-treat.

This new ward that we moved into is chock full of kids which makes things like this very exciting for the kiddos.

Fielding and his buddy Jed - they share the same birthday which I try not too dwell on too much but can't help but notice this detail since they were meant for each other.

Friday was school parties and since I am in "let school just be school" mode I don't have any pictures of the festivities. But the girls came home raving - thank you room mom's with more dedication than myself for the killer parties. 

Saturday was our get the job's done day and we worked our tails off all day so we could play that night. We got the kid's costumed and headed to The Village where a new burger place was handing out insane amounts of free food.

Paisley was so happy to not be confined to the dollar menu for once in her life - I love that this girl knows how to eat - avocado/bacon cheeseburger as big as her face... atta girl!

 We headed out trick-or-treating in the nearby neighborhood where after a few years we got our game-plan down now. We hit up one street all together and when Cosie says she is done then I take her and the littles to Grandma Taylor's to help pass out candy while Blake drags Paisley and Fielding as far they can to maximize candy intake... Because the one person who loves Halloween more than my kids is my husband.

Then the kids sort and trade and sort and trade and sort and trade... I feel like kids enjoy touching candy as much as eating it. Then we wiped the milk-dud drool from their lips and put them all to bed.

Time to put these Zombies away until next year - hallelujah!

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HowellAZ said...

Yes! Halloween is a bit over-scheduled these days...but luckily for us, no class parties. Well, they did have parades, but no actual parties for me to feel guilty about not participating in. :)