6 months...

Luna is 6 months!

She is chubby and smiley and an absolute joy.  I lost her stats (poor 5th child) from the doctors but she was about 50th percentile on everything.

Here are her tricks:

*Rolls all over.
*Sits up.
*Hates mushy baby food but doesn't mind the dissolving finger food stuff and french fries.
*Giggles and coos.
*Has a great Perry radar and has learned to scream when he is coming at her so mom can save her.
*Loves stroller rides (I have the kids take turns giving her rounds in our living room - they both enjoy it).
*Sleeps pretty lousy since she no longer can be swaddled and she refuses to lie on her belly.
*Has yet to develop stranger danger and will willingly go to everyone.
*Is easily distracted while nursing and since my life is one big distraction she rarely eats full meals.
*Loves her siblings and they can get her laughing like no one else.
*Pukes a lot still.
*Paisley is super helpful with her. In fact, I think I trust Paisley with her more than I trust her with most of our babysitters. Blake and I recognize we didn't plan this kid thing that well because we still got 3 years before Paisley can be the babysitter... a day we are eagerly looking forward to!

We love our little pumpkin head!

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HowellAZ said...

Luna is SO CUTE!!! Love that picture of her and Paisley!