What I like about you: Perry...

Perry is 2; therefore, I don't like him.

Just kidding.

But two is an extremely difficult age for me for one main reason, two-year-olds have a death wish.

The road, the 12 ft ladder, that bottle of floor cleaner that he calls "juice", little sister lying peacefully on the floor, the ditch, standing on the counter - all things that could cause serious injury (to him or Luna) but are only viewed through his eyes as "Wheeeee fun!" Two is hard because it is constant vigilance which is insanely exhausting and stressful. 

Luckily two also means insanely cute.

I don't got Perry all figured out but here are a few things that I really truly do like about him:

Perry loves interacting with people. He latches on quickly to his sisters, Grandmas, friend's moms, distant uncles, anyone who will take half a second and give him some attention. His method of figuring out who is worth his time or not: bring them a book. If they read it to me - I will love you forever. If they don't - who needs you anyway?

Perry communicates very well for his age... if it involves tractors. Yesterday, we drove by a field and he said, "Look Mom at that farm tractor pulling the baler." He loves car rides because they involve all his favorite things that go: "Fire engine go WHHHHOOOOHHH, Mom.", "Yellow combine cutting the corn and shooting it in truck, Mom.", "EXCAVATOR, Mom." Always with the mom added on at the end after a pause.

Perry likes our go, go, go style of living - the first thing he asks me each morning is "Going?" He then repeats it for the next 2 hours until we go somewhere. He is at the runner stage and makes every trip to wherever we are going an adventure all in itself.

I had just pulled him out of the bath and jammied him up for the night, only to walk into this.

The Luna obsession - it is worse than you can even imagine... she is never left unattended with him.

Two - insanely hard but insanely cute,


HowellAZ said...

He is such a cute two year old! Man, you have so much patience...and don't think "no, I really don't" because just based on this short post I know you have the patience of a saint (plus, I know you). Keep up the hard work...two is going to feel like yesterday, but seem so far away when they are 20. :)

AndersonGR8 said...

I think he just needs a little time at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's to learn the ropes a little more. Miss this busy little guy and his beaming smile.