What I like about you: Paisley...

Spending time with just Paisley for Women's Conference and the play recently got me thinking about how much I like my kids as individuals. Sometimes there are just so many of them that I lump them all together as "the kids." "The kids are too messy." "The kids are too loud." "The kids are too ornery." But when I step back and see them as the unique little people that they are - I can't help but fall in love with them all over again. I want to highlight the super awesome traits that make each one of them them. 

Let's start with Pais:

Paisley is easily excitable. She loves every dorky craft, game, dance move, and story that I can pull out of my hat. She is fun to do things with because whatever you are doing together she thinks is great... as long as you are together.

Paisley hates being alone. She has been and forever will be my shadow (unless aunts are here - then she is their shadow). When we went to the play I begged her to sit by her friend but she was adamant she wanted to sit by me. She loves nothing more than to sit right next to me and ask a million and one questions. 

Paisley is a helper. She sees things that need to be done. She sees people who could use a friend. She will do anything you ask of her - sometimes I have to be sure that I am not asking too much of her and be sure to get the other kids in on the jobs as well.

Paisley hates to disappoint. She got her name on the board once in first grade and still feels remorse for her offences.

Paisley forgives easily. She has witnessed a few of my mommy-meltdowns and is old enough to understand that adults are not perfect. She thinks the best of people and I hope she never loses this quality.

Paisley is tough. She hates physical injuries (as do I) but will willingly push through discomfort on hikes, runs, and doing the splits. She already talks negatively about her body and I am constantly pointing out to her just capable and strong she is. I hope she never loses her need for constant motion.

Paisley has great hair. I was going to keep this to personality traits but Paisley's golden curls are one of my favorite things that make her her.

And I love that she will still grab a box and coax all her siblings in it with her - I'm glad she is not too big for that... yet.


HowellAZ said...

Eden still calls that notebook "the notebook I got at Paisley's house". And Ben was so impressed with what a helper she is. We love that girl of yours!

AndersonGR8 said...

Loved Paisley the day I met her and still do! Every mom needs a helper like Paisley. I just need her closer.