What I like about you: Fielding...

I feel like Fielding is a game-changer in our home. Everything about his pregnancy, his birth, and now his life changes everything... in a good way.

Fielding is imaginative but I don't think he realizes it. I think that he thinks the world within his head is real. He is at the perfect dress-up age and is constantly transforming himself to be the character he needs to be in his make-believe world.

Fielding is outdoorsy. He was born in the wrong era. He would have thrived as a back-woods cowboy living off the land. He has a crazy obsession with stalking out and catching animals and it will keep him busy for hours tracking butterflies or netting minnows.

Fielding is the most musical child I have. He cares the most about what songs are being played in the car and voices his opinion (loudly) when it is not up to his standard. He has gone through two major musical loves - first was Les Miserables. I have had 100 of conversations like this while in the car listening to "The Bad Guy Song" - 

Look down, look down (Whose singing? Why are they in prison?)
Don't look 'em in the eye (Why can't they see eyes?)
Look down, look down, (Stop talking Mom, I can't hear.)
You're here until you die (Who dies?)
Now bring me prisoner 24601 (Is that John Val John?)
Your time is up (Is he a good guy or bad guy?)
And your parole's begun (Then why is he in jail?)
You know what that means. (What does that mean?)
Yes, it means I'm free. 
(And on and on until the end when he asks to play it again since "I couldn't hear because you kept talking Mom.")
This obsession has been going on for over two years but recently he discovered Michael Jackson. It started with Thriller that was on a Halloween CD but now encompasses all the King of Pop's hit including Beat It,  Billie Jean, and Smooth Criminal. He begs daily to watch Michael Jackson music videos and keeps a running list of questions about these as well.
Fielding can be very quiet outside of our family. He likes playdates in limited doses and will often ask to go home or for friends to go home after a little while of playing.  He keeps his friend relationships low-key. He does love pre-school and primary though so he isn't completely anti-social.
Fielding is extremely strong-willed and although this can be frustrating for mom at this age, I know it will serve him well later in life. If he wants something he does all in his power to get it. 


HowellAZ said...

Strong-willed, you say? I am positive I wasn't cut out to be a mother to strong-willed children, so please pass along some nuggets of wisdom.
I do love that scene you played out of listening to Les Mis in the car. Had me in stitches. If only you weren't talking through the whole thing. Hahaha!

AndersonGR8 said...

Fielding will be fun for all of us to try and keep up with. That twinkle in his eye gives you just a moment to prepare for his next adventure.