What I like about you: Cosette...

I just finished the book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. The entire time that I was reading it I thought of two people, Blake and Cosette. 

Cosette has taught me the good behind being "shy." She has taught me that although our culture sees those as quiet in a negative light - that there is a great deal of power there. She is capable of self-direction like none of my other children are. She doesn't seek praise. She doesn't need to make everyone like her. Even at her young age she has a positive self-awareness, I am who I am and that is ok.

Cosette loves books. She always has a book she is reading. She is always asking about what I am reading, "Why does that say Dad is Fat? Dad isn't fat." She is the child who I often have to say to "Please don't read while walking down stairs. You will fall."

 Cosette thrives on the structure of school. She does her homework without a bit of participation on my part. She knows when she needs to head out to the bus and keeps us all moving in the right direction in the morning. Once home, she tells insanely detailed stories about all the ins-and-outs of her day.

Cosette is all about fair. Although this can drive me batty at some points (Paisley got to do this and I didn't), she is good at making sure everyone is included. She shares wells. She makes sure she contributes around the house. If she got to do something cool (go to a birthday party) she will bring home candy/treasures for her siblings who didn't.

And my favorite thing about Cosette is that she communicates her feelings through writing (hmmm... wonder where she gets that from):

(I took away Friday Movie Night for sibling fighting - worst punishment ever in her book.)

(More sibling fighting.)

(She lost her necklace - Maggie was trying to comfort her. Cute.)

I like that I am "on task" - she's been praised once or twice for this at school and thought that it applied to me as well.


Britt said...

I love her writing! "On task" ha ha ha ha! Still laughing! And "I just can't handle being with Paisley!" Priceless!

HowellAZ said...

Yes! "On Task" is you to a "T"! Hahaha! She is so cute. I love introverts! I'm not one and I'm definitely not surrounded by them in this family, however, I appreciate them. You do a great job of expressing your kids' individual qualities.

AndersonGR8 said...

Cossie is great - have her come up and help grandpa get on task. She better plan on staying a very long time - which would be worth it.