What I like about you: Blake...

I wasn't going to include Blake in this series because he reads this blog and he is not a fan of public declarations of love.

But I haven't seen much of the guy lately - 

and then I had this awful dream - 

and I knew that I had to make a few things known about why I like Blake.

First though my dream so you understand where I am coming from. (Hank you may skip this part because I know how you hate when people talk about their dreams.)

We are at a wedding. We need to be quiet for the ceremony. We have all 5 kids with us. I am feeding Luna. Perry is being ridiculously out-of-control. Blake stands up and looks at him and me with a face full of anger and kicks Perry in the head.

I woke up in a total panic - my dreams are very real and it takes me a good bit to separate them as only a figment of my imagination. This time it wasn't Blake's horrendous action that had me so shaken - it was the look on his face before he did it. 

Anger. This is what Blake looks like angry.

In the real world, I have never seen Blake angry. After witnessing what he would look like if he were angry, I am struck by how fortunate I am that I can say that. I feel like it is Blake's finest quality that he is temperate. He used to tell me stories of his college roommate who used to try and get him to fight with him - he didn't understand why. Now if I ever died he could tell stories about his wife that used to try and get him to fight with her - he still doesn't understand why. There is just something about someone who doesn't fight back that can make you so angry sometimes. But my marriage is a million times better than I thought it could be and it is all because Blake will never show me his angry face.

I also like Blake because:
He works very very hard.
He listens to every detail of my day when I begin my nightly brain-dump on him.
He makes insanely cute children.
He takes care of himself physically.
He is a genius.
He is not materialistic.
He tries really hard to make sure that he is always "doing the right thing."
He loves food.
He laughs at all my lame jokes.
He spends lots of money of babysitters and steak dinners in order to keep his wife sane (he would rather stay home and eat rice and beans if it meant saving a penny.)
He compliments me everyday.

And let's face it - he's not too bad to look at!


Jana Weaver said...

I love this little series...

HowellAZ said...

Aw - you two are so cute together!

AndersonGR8 said...

Thanks for the adventures we have shared with you kids. It has been great getting to know Blake and enjoying his support on some of these short runs we have done. Looking forward to more adventures together. Happy that Blake came into your life - and ours.