Pumpkin carving...

We headed down to the shop to carve our pumpkins - one less mess on my kitchen table.

 We forgot that the key to having kids be able to do it themselves is that you get little pumpkins - 

Ours were beastly and poor Cosie's was half-rotten so she ended up with a very holey kitty.

Fielding has been talking about carving a "Franky Face!" for weeks now... this is as about as freaky as we get.

Perry enjoyed the split pea sensory tarp that was still set up from a mom's fall lunch party that I had last week.

And Luna chilled on the side in her white-trash Bumbo... the powers of duct tape.

 Fun FHE and even more fun the next night when mom finally remembered to grab some candles to light them up.

Halloween is in 3 days - the kid's here-comes-loads-of-candy-sensors have kicked in and they can't wait... but first school parties and the church's trunk-or-treat... nothing like milking this holiday for all the sugar it is worth. 

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