Luna got ear infections that caused horrendous sleeping patterns and overall crankiness. Last night she woke only once at 4am and I felt like a whole new person in the morning.

Even fussy, she is still the most popular thing around here.

The girls reenacted a picture they colored of Lego girls (Can't find the picture - probably tossed it in my weekly cleanup of the fridge art).

Our daily spill of milk.

Lots of costuming with the upcoming Halloween festivities.

A little fireman playing Hullabaloo by himself in the living room.

Getting family pictures was an adventure in frugality as you can see from our shoes: one pair hand-me-down, two pairs thrift-store finds, one pair spray painted, and one pair borrowed from a more stylish friend.

Got the living room carpets cleaned. When we looked at this house, we thought we would divide this room but now that we are in here - we love the crazy open space that allows kids to run. I kind of love it even more completely empty... and beautifully clean.

 M: Hurry Fielding - Luna is getting wet.
F: Don't worry Mom she has a force-field.

Moby wrap turned tug-a-war. The things we do for fun when school is out for 2 days.

We were thinking of getting Perry all lined up to be a construction worker for Halloween but he kind of hates the hat so it is getting returned. But it made for a cute afternoon when he put it on and climbed on his excavator to get to work. He kept asking "Construction site? Go to construction site?"

The leaves in the yard have changed - they are on the verge of dumping. If you don't hear from me for awhile it is because I am raking...

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AndersonGR8 said...

You have to love these catch up posts - keeps us "away" folks well informed and able to visualize the excitement of the Taylor home.