General Conference girly-style...

My mom and sisters came to town for the weekend.

Kara was the brains behind the masterpiece.

The Saturday before she sent the text out, "I need a break. Sisters weekend at Cyndi's next weekend?" And with minimal planning it happened.

Saturday was conference so we attempted to listen amid the cousin chaos,

and passed around Luna,

and did tricks with the aunts.

I like this sequence with Koy.

Then Christy got us all to sneak away for pedicures and dinner.

My cute toes (but not as cute as Jaci's).

Luckily the house was still standing when we returned home hours later.

Sunday was more conference and a mini birthday party for Tyden. Jaci, Kara, and my mom all took off to return home. 

Christy stayed another night so we took the kids over to Talmage's and to a few geocaches that evening. Then we somehow convinced all the kids to bed at a decent hour since my girls had school the next day and sleep had not been the focus of the weekend.

Thanks girls for a great weekend and once more thanks to Mom for giving me sisters!


HowellAZ said...

Family is the best! So glad you could get together for Conference weekend. Fun times!

AndersonGR8 said...

Sounds like a great time for the girls in my life. I always feel bad when I miss out but happy that there is the desire and ability to make these weekends special. Love to all my girls.

erin said...

I've been thinking about you lately! Fun to catch up on your cute family, Cyndi! Little Luna is adorable. ❤️