Foothills Frenzy...

While the rest of the house woke up late to an awesome cousin sleepover, 

Blake had already headed off dark and early to the foothills to do his first ultra-marathon.

The poor guy ran 50k (31.5 miles) and his cheering section couldn't even get there on time to see his finish. We arrived 10 minutes late, just in time for me to see him standing around, smiling, and holding his 3rd place trophy. I couldn't believe my eyes - who is this guy and how did he get so fast?

I did try to make up for missing the finish by having our traditional General Conference crepe feast ready once he got home and his salty sweat all showered off.

Studly - just studly!


AndersonGR8 said...

The new standard has been set! But I don't think he will see any challenges from me - unless retirement is a lot more boring than I think it will be. Congrats! Blake, great job and inspiration! Wishing you many great runs in the years ahead.

HowellAZ said...