Chicken mama-drama...

So we started with 11 chickens - 2 were roosters and ended up on our dining room table. A few days after we ate our last rooster, one of our hens went missing. We looked everywhere for her but couldn't find her. We thought maybe the neighborhood hawk got her but since there was no evidence of "fowl play" (a favorite pun around here) we were really confused. Tim (Blake's dad) swore she was on a nest somewhere but the kids and I had hunted and hunted but couldn't kind any signs of her. Fast forward three weeks to when my sisters were here and their more farm-savvy kids found a hidden nest of 12 eggs that one of our other hens had been loading up. We thought that was super exciting but were even more thrilled when they found the missing hen bunkered down in some branches by the compost pile sitting on some eggs. We knew she was around when the roosters were around so we didn't know if the eggs were fertilized or not. We decided to give her a little time and turns out at least 6 were and we got baby chicks!

First we found 1, 

then 2, 

and last time we checked there were 6.

Best egg hunt surprise ever - she is such a good mama!


Taylor said...

Hopefully a raccoon or skunk doesn't find her.

HowellAZ said...