Chick love...

Henny Penny got up and took her newborn flock for a walk this afternoon.

The final count is 8 chicks! 4 yellow and 4 dark.

If you are having a lousy day - stop on in. These little balls of puff will make everything ok.

The kids cannot get over this amazing feat of nature - "I thought you had to buy chicks at a store, I didn't know we could hatch our own!"

For your viewing pleasure - please ignore my sickly-sweet voice... when babies are involved I just can't help it.

One of Blake's co-workers was talking to Blake and I the other night and remarked about how between our kids and our animals that we have a lot of heartbeats we are responsible for. I never thought about it that way before but recognized the truth in what she was saying.  But it's a little scary if I think about it too much... especially with this surprise arrival of chicks... we keep trying to determine if we should take them from the mama to keep them safe in the cellar like our first batch or let her do her thing because she seems to have a good handle on it. I can't imagine the stress when back in the day your livelihood depended on if your chickens laid eggs, no predators got to your animals, or if the frost hit your crops too soon...

it's stressful enough doing it in hobby form.


Britt said...

Oh, man! You're so lucky! Accidental chicks!!

Micah Taylor said...

THEY'RE SO CUTE! I wish I could join in the instant happiness those puff balls provide :) Congratulations on your new arrivals ;)